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Code: TZ-11
Thermal efficiency: 73%
Exit flue: 250mm W
Nominal heating capacity: 15kW
Consumption: 3.5 kg / h
Weight: 250 pounds
Fuel: Wood
Frame: Steel 4mm thick
Combustion chamber: 10mm Mantemoplakes
Door: Sliding hatch frame painted steel and ceramic glass resistant to 750C
Ash tray: Removable ashtray

The appliance is available in 3 sizes
1. width 70cm | depth: 53cm | height: 128cm
Two. width 80cm | depth: 61cm | height: 128cm
Three. width 90cm | depth: 61cm | height: 128cm
Fireplace 3 chambers hot air, high thermal efficiency, lined mantemoplakes.

Price: 1270.00 EUR
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